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Forum administrators can refuse approval of a post or topic, delete a post or topic, or cancel user registration for any reason deemed in the best interests of SOIOP. Abusive language, spam, and misuse of these forums or of the SOiOP website will not be tolerated.

To become a registered user, you must consent to the terms and conditions presented on the registration sign-up page, and you must validate your email address by responding to our sign-on email.

All posts in the OHME FOR SALE forum must be approved by an administrator before becoming visible to the public. DO NOT LIST ITEMS ALREADY LISTED IN AN ON-LINE STORE OR CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR ON-LINE BIDDING ON ANOTHER WEBSITE. The OHME FOR SALE forum is to present to SOIOP members information about live auctions, estate sales, and private sales of Ohme porcelains. Spamming of web forums by automated "spambots" presents a continuous challenge to web forums. We allow guest posting in the ASK SOIOP! forum only to minimize the risk of spambots. If guest posting becomes too much of a burden in the future, only verified registered users will be allowed to post in the forums.

The SOIOP website forum is a new feature, and we ask you bear with us as we tweak its features!

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